Connect the Kids

Child and youth services support 1.6 million young people - tendency rising. We support them in the digitalization process.

The Situation

The corona crisis shows it more than ever - analogue is outdated

Stationary and ambulant child- and youth welfare services are currently experiencing a shock. Due to the quarantine, caregivers are separated from their clients. Communication is not standardized, the processes are analogous.

In the child and youth welfare services, caregivers support the young people on their way to an independent and organized life. The potentials that digitalization offers in this process are currently untapped.

  • More than one million addressees for children and youth Services.
  • More than 100.000 caregivers.
  • No solution that connects both.

Our Solution

Digitally augmented care. No paperwork.

Our tool connects child- and youth welfare caregivers with their clients. This way, the personal contact gets digitally augmented. Pedagogic concepts and educational pathways get gamified, analogous processes get digitalized.

On one side, the administrative hassle gets reduced. This means as a caregiver you have more time to focus on what actually matters, the clients. On the other side, new ways of communication are established. This is especially important during quarantine, but also aids in optimizing the pedagogic workflow under normal circumstances.

We re connecting caregivers and clients.

Over 90% of young adults own a smartphone. Less than 10% of the tools available for child and youth services are actually catered towards them.

App Features

We aggregated a lot of processes used in stationary and ambulant care.

Bi-directional Feedback

Client needs are important. Likewise, the caregiver's feedback. We are combining both in one platform.

Gamified Lifegoals

Longterm planning is difficult. We help by splitting up marathons into small sprints.

Digital Client Profiles

So all the great achievements do not get lost, and caregivers can keep an overview.

Playful Forming of Habits

Forming habits through repetition - playfully. We are wrapping boring task and routines into engaging assignments. Time to level up.

Synchronized Calendars

More often than not, two caregivers work with the same client. Exchanging appointments is done via phone or chat. We are synchronizing your appointments digitally - platform based. No overlaps, no confusion.

Automatic Survey Evaluation

We're digitalizing the reflexion surveys. Our tools processes all the data and outputs it in a presentational format. This way, pedagogic methods, events and their outcomes can be correlated for deeper insights.

The Prototype

Our first prototype primarily deals with the gamification of pre-existing routines, goals, and road-maps that have been predetermined by caregivers and their clients. Through playful forming of habits, the clients receive a positive reinforcement through each and every one of their steps towards success, while the caregivers get the tools they need to monitor progress and mood and communicate in one platform.

Functionality and rapid prototyping take pretence over polishing and looks during this stage of the development.

The Team

Our interdisciplinary team is consists of a tried and tested core team, and several skilled helpers. During the #WirVsVirus hackathon by the german government, we channelled our knowledge and skills and created Arcaid.

Davide Becker

Project Lead, Developer

Sandra Herrmann

Psychologist, Caregiver

Christopher Capito

Pedagog, Developer

Janis Herrmann

Business Analyst

Vanessa Rünzi

Creative Director, UI Designer

Alexandra Maxim

Visuals, Conception

Dominik Hoffmann

UX Designer

Vladimir Grekov

Game Designer